Friday, April 5, 2013

An Interview

In my time, I’ve done a few interviews. I’m not sure why anyone would care to hear my opinions on anything (and why are you here, anyway?), but I did them. Well, two interviews. I did two interviews: one for Star Trek Magazine and one for some obscure website I don’t even remember.

What I found odd about the process is that, first of all, the questions weren’t very insightful. They were actually kind of boring. What’s your favorite Star Trek episode? If you had a choice, which alien would you bang – the hot drill thrall in silver lame, or the green Orion slave girl? (Answer, the drill thrall.) Second, the questions were always emailed to me, which made for very long responses. Give a writer a question, and he turns it into a novel. I think my answers ended up being like ten pages long….

So, you’d think I’d learned my lesson when I decided to conduct an interview of my own. Nope. Boring questions. And e-mail. However, the subject is interesting; we here at Dangerous Games have spent a lot of time and energy promoting Sara Bakay. I thought, with a week left to her IndieGogo fundraising campaign, it was time to give you all a closer look at who she is.

Stop clicking on the picture. You'll go blind. 

 Yes, it’s game/nerd related.

Q: Why don’t we start off by asking you to tell us about yourself?
SB: I’m a very ambitious young woman, living in an extremely inconvenient small town. I’m sweet and creative, but I’m also strange and will punch you in the face if you mess with someone I love.
Q: The usual stereotype is that girls don’t play video games, but I understand you’re a gamer? Tell us how that started.
SB: From a very young age, I was introduced to awesome games like Frogger and Tetris. My family would compete against each other.
Q: What kinds of games do you like to play?
SB: I like a lot of simulation and role play games, but I can find joy in many different types.
Q: I hear you have a lot of game systems, can you give us a list?
SB: PS3, Xbox 360, PSP, Nintendo DS, WII, PS2, Xbox (original), Super Nintendo, and Gameboy Advance. I think that’s it, unless you count my computer (which I totally do).
Q: What is your favorite game system?
SB: If you count the computer, then I would choose that. If not, I guess I’m an Xbox girl, though I grew up more on Playstation.
Q: What is your favorite game, and why?
SB: Hmmm…. I spent years obsessed with The Sims. A year before it came out, I told my mom that I wish there was a game exactly like that. I’m not taking credit for inventing it, just simply stating that there was a need for it. I also love Kingdom Hearts.
Q: Have you ever played games like Dungeons and Dragons, or Magic: the Gathering?
SB: I never had time in high school to learn it, and no one else around here seems to play it.
Q: So, Gears of War or Halo?
SB: Definitely Gears of War.
Q: Are there any other kinds of games you like to play? Monopoly, chess, bridge…
SB: I LOVE board games. Unless you cheat (like my brother and cousin used to), I’m undefeated at Monopoly. I’ve played checkers and chess since I was a little girl. I also love Canasta, but I’m not great at it.
Q: Obviously, as a musician, you like to sing and dance. Do you play a lot of those kinds of games, too?
SB: I absolutely do. I own most of the games in that area. My favorite to sing/play music with is probably The Beatles Rockband, and I love the dancing games!
Q: So, you’re in Dodongo’s Cavern, and you’re being attacked by, well, dodongos, but you don’t have any bomb flowers. What do you do?
SB: Duh! I’d use my shrink ray to make the dodongos tiny little creatures, then I’d sell them on the black market.
Q: How did you get into acting?
SB: I was asked to participate in a church play when I was about 5. I had 3 lines (but I memorized every line in the whole play), and I was in it for a total of like 4 minutes. I still remember the feeling I had after I walked off stage. So awesome.
Q: Is there a particular role you like to play?
SB: I find that playing the villain is sooooo much fun! I do like to play the protagonist and under dog, too. I like having people root for me.
Q: What is your favorite movie?
SB: That is a difficult question for me. I CAN tell you that Inception, Pride and Prejudice, and Gone With the Wind are in my top 5.
Q: I understand you’re going to film an independent Tomb Raider movie, can you tell us about that?
SB: It’s a fan film in light of the recent release of the new video game. I am told that it takes place after the events in the video game. I’ll be getting the script this month, and I’ll know a little more then. I’m pretty excited to play Lara Croft. I grew up watching my brothers hang from cliffs and jump from rock to rock with these video games.
Q: Is there a particular actor who you admire, someone you want to emulate in some way?
SB: I’m not sure. I’ve never really focused my career on someone else, but I have an appreciation for a lot of other actors. Leonardo Dicaprio is super talented, and Zooey Dechanel is quirky and weird (as I presume myself sometimes). I admire that Meryl Streep doesn’t try to plastic surgery away all of her wrinkles, and I’m a big Julia Roberts fan.
Q: Why don’t you tell us a bit about the fundraiser?
SB: The fundraiser I’m doing is for a competition in New York. Ten people were chosen (myself included) out of hundreds to compete with actors all over the nation in front of agents, managers, and casting directors from big companies who are all looking for fresh faces. I have to raise a large amount of money in a short amount of time to pay for the trip, training, and all of the many necessities that come with it. This opportunity is pretty huge.
Q: What is the one thing that people would be surprised to learn about you?
SB: Seriously? One thing? I’m pretty odd. Hmm…. I usually always sneeze before I cry. If you hear “achoo!” then you better get the tissues.
Q: Batman or Superman?
SB: Definitely Batman. Not only is he super hot, but he has so many nifty gadgets and an awesome cave. If he can’t do something, Morgan Freeman will make another gadget so that he can.
Q: Star Trek or Star Wars?
SB: This is kind of a difficult one… I’m going to have to go with Star Wars (even though I own Spock ears). I was much more infatuated with the storyline of Star Wars as a child than Star Trek. They both have great strengths, though.
There you go! Likes Batman, Gears of War, and the Xbox. And also has more game systems than a teenaged Japanese boy. I think that's worth a contribution. Don't you? 

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