Thursday, March 14, 2013

So What Do I Get?

I'm going to suspend blogging about game design for another day, just to make some things clear about yesterday's blog...

Yesterday's blog post about Sara Bakay has generated 35 hits in 24-hours. That's more than any of my other game design blogs. For the week. In other words, if you look at my stats for the entire week, she blew them all away in one day. First, this tells me I don't get a lot of hits for my game design advice. Second, this tells me you guys like a pretty girl. 

Unfortunately, this hasn't translated into much support for her IndieGoGo fundraiser. If you guys like what you see, you really should make a donation. Just click the link on my page, and order yourself the minimum -- an autographed picture. If all 35 of you had done that, she'd have $350. She'd be $350 closer to achieving her dream. Don't you want to help the sweet girl with the big, doe-like eyes? Sure you do. 

Here's what you get for the minimum donation of $10: You can choose from any one of these pictures, and get it autographed. If I know Sara, she'll include a personal message, too. Considering that one day she's going to be famous, this is a bargain. You'll be able to auction that picture off on e-Bay for a lot more than that one day. And, let's face it, she's a pretty woman. Some of these pictures are pretty smoking....

Which of these would you like? It's yours, autographed, for the low low price of $10. Plus, you get to help a really nice person achieve their dreams. Do something nice for someone. Get a picture of a pretty girl. Win-win situation, I say. 

In fact, I'm going to order me another one. 

So click on the link at the top righthand corner of this site. It's the one that looks like Sara Bakay. It'll take you right to her site. It's that easy. The only way I could make it easier for you is if I came to your house and stole $10 out of your wallet. Don't make me do that, because I totally will. 

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