Wednesday, March 13, 2013

An Appeal

This is a bit of a departure for us here at Studio Manta Games. Well, considering the number of times we've promoted Natalie Portman's naval, not really. Today, I'm not going to talk about games at all. I'm going to promote a friend. She has nothing to do with games, either.

Her name is Sara Bakay. She's a 24-year old actress from Kentucky. If you know anything about eastern Kentucky, you know it's not a hotbed of acting opportunities. Then again, Jennifer Lawrence comes from Lexington, KY. You may have heard of her. She starred in a little-seen movie called The Hunger Games. Anyway, Sara doesn't live all that far way from Lexington, and if Jennifer Lawrence can make it, so can she.

This is my favorite headshot

You can get a good sense of her energy in this shot

There's something melancholy about this one. It's a personal fave. 

See, Sara is an actress, model, and musician. She's very accomplished. She's performed in plays at Jenny Wiley Theatre, in such things as Snow White and the Seven Dwarves and The Frog Prince. She's starred in several independent films, like The Scorn of Vengeance and This Promise I Made. And, she's a singer and songwriter, to boot. You can see her work at Sara wrote this song:

I've never met someone who worked this hard at something. Myself included. She really wants to be successful. Not famous, necessarily, which is something quite different. A lot of us dream about being famous, but for Sara it's about doing something she loves (and is quite good at). Drive eight hours to a film set? Sara will do it. Sing at a dinner or wedding? Pick your songs and she'll be there. She is always looking for ways to get her name out there and scrounge up some work. She's always moving forward.

Sara is also just about the nicest human being standing on two feet. She wouldn't hurt a fly. She's the kind of person who would just "show up" at your birthday party to brighten your day. She once drove two hours both ways to console a friend who'd suffered a death in the family. As a surprise. She's the kind of person who changes the energy when she walks into a room. Being mean to her is like clubbing a baby seal -- there's got to be something fundamentally broken inside you; you've lost some part of your essential humanity.

So why am I telling you all about this? Well, aside from making you aware of her talent, and expanding  her promotional opportunities, she's got a fundraising campaign going on at She's got an opportunity to attend a convention in NYC, where she has the potential to be seen by lots of casting directors and agents. If even one person out of thousands notices her out of hundreds, it's an opportunity well spent. I'm going to let her explain it herself, because she does it much better than me:

Click on the link below. Donate something. For $10, you can have yourself an autographed picture of her. What's $10? That's a trip to the Starbucks for a mocha skinny frappuccino with whip. Or whatever. Ten bucks is two week's worth of pocket change. I spend $10 a day on cigarettes; all I have to do is give up smoking for a day... And if she gets 250 people to contribute just $10, she makes her goal. And maybe gets to pursue her dream.

If you liked anything on this page, then click on the link and contribute.

I have an autographed copy of this. Isn't that worth $10?


  1. Great post, Ross. Hopefully others will see this and contribute. I just know if Sara can get to New York good things will happen! - Daniel

  2. Good on ya, Daniel! We gotta spread the word as far as we can. We gotta take it to the masses.

  3. Thank you so much for your help. I won't forget this! =)