Monday, March 18, 2013

An Announcement -- Contest

Let's face it. You come to this blog, if you come here, for game-related advice. One of the biggest articles on this page was my freelancer advice piece, so I know you're out there. You don't come here to read about some aspiring actress who's trying to raise money to attend a conference. You don't know her, or her work. So you have absolutely no incentive to contribute, and get a picture or CD from her. I get that. 

So, we're gonna kick it up a notch. I am giving away a week of my time as a professional game designer, writer, and editor. 

You read that right. 

Who Am I?
If you didn't read the masthead, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I started in this business in 1995, working for Chaosium. I wrote a little book called The Bronze Grimoire. It ended up being one of the biggest sellers in the company's history. Seriously, it goes for almost $200 online. 

I wrote for AEG, where I gave some advice on the magic system for the L5R RPG (which they actually used), and wrote things like Honor's Veil, Walking the Way, and numerous Clan sourcebooks. I also worked on the team for the original Legend of the Burning Sands TCG. I wrote for Fading Suns, in books like The Player's Companion, Lost Worlds, and most of Merchants of the Jumpweb. I even did some work for White Wolf, for Mage and Streetfighter (which was a hoot, by the way). 

From there, I was hired by Last Unicorn Games as the line developer for a little thing called The Star Trek: The Next Generation RPG. I won the Origins Award for Best RPG for that one. 

Then, I did it again, this time for Decipher. I also worked for WotC. After that, I worked on a little thing called All Flesh Must Be Eaten, by Eden Studios, where I developed One of the Living, Zombie Smackdown!, and Atlas of the Walking Dead

I'm currently working on something called Torn Armor, which is currently running a Kickstarter. Give it a look. 

But enough about me.

The Contest
I am giving away a week's worth of my time as a professional game designer, writer, and editor. That's right, a whole week. 
  • Do you have a game idea that you'd like me to critique? 
  • Do you want me to write you an adventure?
  • Write a chapter for your game? An introduction? 
  • Do you want me to evaluate your idea prior to your Kickstarter? 
  • Do you want me to outline a project? Outline a product line? 
  • How about edit your game? Or adventure?
  • Do you want me to show you how to write better? Maybe buff things up a bit? 
One lucky person will have me for a week. That's seven days, because I'm a game designer, and we don't normally get "weekends." I will work for you, free of charge. 

Here's all you've got to do: Contribute to Sara Bakay's IndieGoGo fundraising campaign. 

Click the link of the girl at the top righthand corner of this page. It will take you to her page. Then, select a contribution. So, for as little as $10, you could win a chance to have me work for you. 

When you make your contribution, you'll be asked for your name. Be sure to include "(Game)" after your name in the "shipping information" box. This way, Sara will know who contributed through this contest, and she'll tell me. Otherwise, I might end up accidentally choosing some grandma from Terra Haute (Hi, Debbie Elsberry!). 

Out of those names, I will randomly choose one (1) winner, for whom I will work, free of charge, for one week. 

I'll reiterate it one more time: For a contribution of as little as $10 to Sara Bakay's IndieGoGo fundraiser, you will be entered into a contest to win my services as a designer, writer, editor, production manager -- whatever -- free of charge, for one full week. At the end of her campaign, I will randomly select one name as the winner. 

In order to be considered for this contest, you must go here and make a contribution of at least $10. Remember to put the word "(Game)" at the end of your name when you enter the shipping information. 

So, get a picture of a pretty girl. And a chance to win the services of an award-winning, professional game designer. 

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