Friday, February 8, 2013

State of the Blog

Just a quick note, as I ruminate on my next entry (the one in which I promised to tell you about Alyssa's freak out). 

First, I now have 16 subscribers. Definitely gonna have to move the annual "Goose and Fish Social" to someplace bigger than a phone booth. Do they still have those? Anyway. 

Second, I just checked my stats for this site. For all time. From it's inception to today. The second-most popular article is still "Freelancer Best Practices," followed by "Words Make the World Go 'Round." That gives me a sense of what you guys want to read. 

The number one, most popular article of all time? That damned picture of Natalie Portman's navel. By far. 

Seriously, guys? 

That's why you come here? 

When you Google "Natalie Portman's navel," I'm not even in the first five pages of results. That means you guys have to scroll through God knows how many pages to find my site. For a pic of Natalie Portman's navel. Are you people so starved for the awesome, hypnotic power of Natalie Portman's taught... delicious.... I'm sorry, was I saying something? 

(I'd walk barefoot across a field of flaming scorpions while carrying a sack full of rabid wolverines just to Spackle holes in her drywall.)

Let's be clear here. This site is where I talk about games and game design. There are about a million other sites where you can view Ms. Portman's navel...

Oh, who am I kidding? Here, this is what you want. 

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