Thursday, February 10, 2011

Well, That Went Over Well

I can see by the flood of messages in the comments section that I'm going to have a hard time deciding which of you to choose to join my gaming group. See, that was called "sarcasm." Seriously, folks, how often do you get the opportunity to game with a noted (some might say "famous", and those some might be "me") game designer? I could see the dearth of replies if I said "hey, I'm trying to get a gaming group together in Saskatoon, Canada." But this is New York City. If I wanted to find a midget escort for light bondage, I could do it. There are, like, ten places for that here (I assume).

Let's see if I can grease the wheels a bit. I'm interested either in doing a Dresden Files game set right here in NYC, a high-powered, Elven campaign (again, set here in NYC), or a straight up fantasy setting along the lines of classic Jack Vance (or Matthew Hughes). Lastly, I've got an idea for near future All Flesh Must Be Eaten campaign. Surely, there must be someone out there interested in some, or all, of these ideas.

I am available (for bar mitzvahs and weddings) on Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

If you are interested, post to the comments thread. Punch and pie.


  1. The only reason I didn't respond was because, well, I'm in Texas. Were I actually in the NYC area, I'd be there with bells on (figuratively speaking).

  2. Well, at least I feel better now. I thought I was talking to the wind. Thanks, Patrick.

    Tell you what, you find me a job in Texas, and I'll move there and run a game for you. =)

  3. I'm not a games player, but I'd be interested to know which of my settings you'd put a game into.

    Matt Hughes

  4. Okay, that actually shut me up for a moment.

    I am a huge fan of the Hengis Hapthorn series. I've been waiting for Hesperia for forever. So that would be the setting I'd use; or if not the setting specifically, then the tone and mood you create. Just as Gygax & Arneson basically appropriated Vance's concepts of magic, I would want to appropriate the idea of a futuristic society that's winding down, not because of decadence and decay, but in order to make way for something else. And they know it.

    Though now that I think about a Matt Hughes setting specifically, I could see a game setting based on The Commons...

  5. Also, holy crap!

    (I just had to say it.)

  6. I'd go with the Commons, too. You've got everything. But Old Earth on the cusp of becoming The Dying Earth is interesting, too, because the magic is not decisive, unless you're in one of the spots where the new order is osmotically leaking through ahead of the universal transition. Adds a note of uncertainty.

    BTW, and this is a nonsequitur, I'm just finishing an adventure novel for Paizo, set in their Pathfinder world, about a Cugelesque rogue sent unwillingly questing. It should be out late this year. I'm writing it under my media tie-in pseudonym, Hugh Matthews. It will probably be called Out of the Blue.

  7. I must admit, the aspect of magic not being quite reliable would be a fun one. There could be a mechanic in which the player must roll dice in order to see if his spell goes off as desired (or fizzles, or does something amusingly horrible).

    How on earth did you end up writing for Paizo? Not that that should be taken as an insult, for it's not. But it would seem to me that you have better use for your time. Like writing another Hengis Hapthorn novel. (Speaking of which, what happened to Hesperia? I never saw it. And I looked. Frequently.)

    I have a million questions for you, but don't think they're appropriate for a public forum. Also, the guys at Paizo are pretty good. Look for a friend named Hyrum Savage. He's an old friend.

  8. Appropos of nothing, after I mentioned your posting here on my Facebook account, several friends looked you up on-line (well, your work). I think you've found some new fans.

  9. Hespira (note spelling) came out just around New Years of 2009/2010. It's on Amazon, though for some reason it's no longer in the Night Shade catalogue.

    There won't be any more Hapthorns because I won't be doing business with Night Shade again. I did the Paizo job because I earn my living as a writer and it was an opportunity to make a few thousand from people I'd found I could trust to pay up on time.

    I'm always happy to hear from readers at my email address, which you can find by clicking on the footer on any page of my website.

  10. Well then I'm glad you're working with Paizo. As I said, they're a good crew.